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Trying new products I can recommend to my clients is an important part of my job. I am often asked to suggest various products to help to assist my client's sleep therefore I have put these together to showcase some of the products I have trialed so far and would recommend. 

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Sleep environment and general comfort play a big part in ensuring we have a good night sleep. Some of us can be sensitive to light, noise or temperature therefore creating the most sleep inducing environment for each person is important.


Personally, I like to sleep on my side and can move around quite a lot during my sleep. I also share my bed with my husband therefore can find my sleep space gets quite hot.  For that reason, a mattress that supports me in various sleeping positions and can keep me cool is ideal for me. I found that the Origin Hybrid mattress keep me cool throughout the night and this is due to the design cooling gel. Keeping your sleep space cool is also beneficial as we need our body temperatures to drop in order to initiate sleep. The mattress also contains an orthopaedic foam with 3 different densities. This helps to support different body zones and therefore maintain spine neutrality.  


My husband is a back sleeper and found the mattress very supportive to both his neck and back.


I would recommend Origin Mattress to anyone who is looking to upgrade the comfort of their sleep space or is simply looking to replace their mattress.


Origin Mattress have a great selection of sizes available and offer a free next-day delivery to your home. They also offer a 120 day trial period where they will provide a refund if you are not satisfied. Origin Mattress offer affordable, good value mattresses suitable to different body types and sleep positions. 

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