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Playing with Baby


Image by Minnie Zhou

"Gemma totally understands the science of sleep. Applying her knowledge to our circumstances, she came up with a practical, easy to follow plan of action. Over the two weeks that she helped us she asked lots of questions and where I thought we had just had moments of bad luck, she saw patterns emerging and tweaked the plan accordingly."

Lee Landale

Image by Dakota Corbin

"Simply put... Gemma is great and we would highly recommend her. She really listened to our needs and how we wanted to approach the training. She took everything into consideration and tailored a sleep program that we were comfortable with and it worked. She took detailed logs everyday and adjusted the program when needed. She was completely patient and a great listener and always made sure we were comfortable every step of the way."

Claus Kwon

Happy Dance

"Gemma helped my 2.5 year old fall asleep on her own in her room and sleep through the night without waking up crying to come into our bed. She is sleeping 11 hours straight now! Thank you Gemma!"

Jessica Berman

his name is sorena , 14 days old , genius and cute baby_edited.jpg

"I worked with Gemma for two weeks to get my 2.5 year old daughter falling asleep and staying asleep on her own. After a few adjustments based on my child's personality, all of a sudden, she slept!"

Katie Larson

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